Individual Coaching

We work with professionals who face challenges in balancing the demands of a changing business landscape. Professionals who desire to make significant contributions in the business world, strengthen relationships with senior colleagues, and enhance personal communication and business relationships skills.

We work with experienced and novice entrepreneurs who are facing business and financial management challenges. Taking technicians and transforming them into business owners is what we do and we have a state of the art back end portal to make it easy and seamless.

We also coach retired professionals who want to lead a fulfilling life but are uncertain what to do next. If you are retired, and desire to contribute to your community, discover new interests, use your talents in new ways, or improve relationships with family members.

If you believe these issues or others are negatively impacting your life, IHC can help you.

Feeling overwhelmed with life or your career at times is completely natural, coaching can be an excellent way to help you achieve new goals. Coaching can give you a whole new perspective, renew old passions or re-ignite new purpose!